2022 PEDC Recital Information

The 2022 PEDC recital, "The Show Must Go On", will be held at the RP Funding Center the weekend of June 4th-5th. There will be 3 shows, Show A Saturday June 4th at 5:00pm, Show B Sunday June 5th at 11am, Show C Sunday June 5th at 6pm.

If you do not know what show your child is in, Download The Class Schedule, and look for either an A, B, C next to your child's class.

Important Dates

Below you will find important dates for the upcoming 2022 recital. As in past years, the recital is being held at the RP Funding Center, 701 West Lime Street, Lakeland.


Dates: Thursday May 26th to Wednesday June 1st

Time: During regular class time

Students are to wear their costume with hair and makeup done.


PEDC will have photographers at the Dance Center during DRESS REHEARSAL during the dates listed above to take individual pictures and an INFORMAL group picture. We will not have a posed group picture in the interest of time. Group Pictures will be included for free when you purchase individual pictures.


Recital at the RP FUNDING CENTER

Where: RP Funding Center

When: Please see schedule to see what show your child's class is in

Saturday June 4th, 5:00 pm: Show A

Saturday June 5th, 11:00 am: Show B

Saturday June 5th, 6:00 pm: Show C

Recital Tickets

If you do not know what show your child is in, Download The Class Schedule, and look for either an A, B, C next to your child's class.

Ticket Purchase

Day and Time: Tickets will go on sale on Sunday April 3rd. There is going to be a staggered start time to each show. Show A 6pm, Show B 6:10pm and Show C 6:20 pm.

Pricing: Orchestra front $26.00, Orchestra Back $23.00, Mezzanine $23.00, Balcony $21.00. All prices include tax

Seating Chart: Download 2022 seating chart.

How to purchase tickets:

Tickets will be available for purchase online. There is no limit. The link to purchase tickets will be emailed to customers as well as be added to the web site prior to the start of ticket sales.

Safety Measures


As of right now, all seating will be available for purchase including the the balcony. Seats will not be blocked off for social distancing. You will be able to choose where you sit as the seating is assigned.

Additional safety measure will be added/ updated as the recital date approaches.

Costume Care

General Care

We recommend that you label all costumes, shoes, accessories, and tights with your child’s name. Place the costumes in a garment bag with your child’s name on the outside. Pack accessories in a clear plastic bag (labeled with your child’s name). Hats should be stored in a hatbox or similar container to prevent damage. Press all costumes prior to the dress rehearsal and the performance. Please do not wash costumes in your washing machine; dry clean them only (after the recital).

Remove any tags that could hang out of the costume.

Many costumes come with headpieces or hats. We will determine how the headpieces will be worn at picture day.

Costumes with Fringe

You will notice a string at the bottom of most fringe skirts or trim, which is to keep the fringe from getting tangled before pictures or performance. Please do not pull the string until picture day. After that date, please store fringe skirts on a hanger to keep them from getting tangled.


We do not recommend using a traditional iron when pressing costumes. Silks can burn, sequins can melt, and fabric colors may change. Please use only a steam iron. Iron costumes with caution because of glues that may have been used to attach appliqués and/or trim.

NOTE: To ensure that there are no costume problems, students should not wear their costumes, accessories, or tights prior to the picture day, dress rehearsal, or performance.

Hair and Makeup


LOW BUN WITH A SIDE LEFT PART. Buns need to be tight and secure with bobby pins, a hair net (that matches your child’s hair), gel and hairspray. Hair needs to be parted on the left side and swoop down to right side of head. No bangs are allowed and NO SOCK BUNS (fake buns).  Please bring extra bobby pins, elastics, and hairnets with you.


All dancers need to wear makeup for dress rehearsal and the show. This helps to bring out the dancers faces on stage with our professorial lighting. Makeup needs to be done prior to arriving at the theatre. Chaperones are not responsible for applying makeup on dancers. Please bring dancer’s makeup in their bag backstage in case we need to reapply during shows.

Makeup Colors– We highly recommend using L’Oreal Makeup as it tends to show up the best on stage.

EYES-Neutrals only. No blues, pinks, etc.

Brow– Light Cream Color

Lid– Light Brown

Crease– Dark Brown

BLUSH-Warm tones that matches your child’s skin tone.

Mascara and Black Eyeliner should be worn by students from Primary levels and up.

No Lipstick should be worn as we will be wearing masks.



Tights can be purchased at the studio. Please see the Front Desk. Buy tights early!

All student’s tights must be the exact color and brand we assigned in this packet. We recommend purchasing new tights even if you already have these. All tights must be in excellent condition and free of any marks. No underwear should be worn under tights. If you order from Discount Dance Supply please use the teacher code: TP29840 to earn extra rewards and discounts.* We recommend buying 2 pairs of tights in each color needed. In the event your child gets a hole or runs in their tights, you will be happy to have a spare. *

Tight Style #’s

Bloch Adaptatoe Tights– T0935G

Bodywrappers Jazzytan or Theatrical Pink or Black Convertible Tights C31-Child and Adult A31

Bodywrappers Jazzytan Stirrup Tights—C32 and Adult-A32

Capezio Black Professional Fishnets with Backseam-Style #3400


Parking / Student Drop Off & Pickup


701 West Lime Street

Lakeland Fl 33815


Drop Off

Please follow the signs for parking and drop students off inside the main hallway in front of the theatre using the main entrance as shown below. Parking is $10 per vehicle per entry or $15 all day parking pass to go in and out. Please limit drop off to student and 1 parent.

It takes approximately 40 minutes WITHOUT traffic. Makes sure to give yourself plenty of time!!




Students that are not participating in the finale will be released during intermission. You will be able to pick students up by the front of the stage in the pit. Please only have 1 parent pick up the child and this parent should be the same parent that checked in the student.

Students that are in the finale will be released after the finale in front of the stage in the pit. Again, please only have 1 parent pick up the child and this parent should be the same parent that checked in the student.